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Event with 'IT-Branchen'

In February, we did an event with 'IT-Branchen'

International Citizen Days

In September 2020, we took part in 'International Citizen Days'

Walk & Talk

On a sunny day in September 2020, we went for a walk at the lovely Christianshavn with a bunch of internationals and Birgitte Ovesen from 'Go Abroad & HR'

Fruit & Vegetables

How do we call the vegetables in Danish?

We speak Danglish

'In our company, the working language is English, and we make an effort to include everybody, no matter where they come from, so our employees don't need the Danish language.' This seems to be the general attitude in a lot of the bigger, international companies in Denmark. But is it really that simple?

Bicycling in Denmark

Bicycling in Denmark

If you like bicycling and would like to know more about Danish bicycling culture, you should watch this video with relevant vocabulary.

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